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My blood is black. You're a slut and lame ends with me. I donut like people. Dropdead. K baii. <5 .



i yearbooked

i yearbooked hard

have some pines twins, grades 9-12

Whale then.

annoyed."I don&#8217;t give a fuck" "Nobody Cares.""You disgust me""You&#8217;re stupid" &#8221;Can you not&#8221; "Why are you breathing"                                          *faceBasically, my facial expression 24/7.

"I don’t give a fuck" 
"Nobody Cares."
"You disgust me"
"You’re stupid"
 ”Can you not” 
"Why are you breathing"
Basically, my facial expression 24/7.

Because Symmetry ♥

Because Symmetry ♥

If anime male characters were real, I’d be a whore. Whoa. I need help.

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